Teleporting Between Places (Main Game shows up in Continue game list)

My problem is that the main game shows up in the continue game list, I made a Main Menu that if you click the Play Button you will be teleported into another game and that’s Main Game. I’ve found tutorials but All I wanted is that the Main Game doesn’t show up in the Continue game list…

The lowercased titled Netherwind is the main game and all uppercased title NETHERWIND is the Main Menu… I wanted the main game to be not showing into the continue game list… like games such as Deepwoken, Swordburst 2, Blox Fruits and more that has teleporting to places but only their main teleport menu shows up and not the main games…

Code I used:

local TeleportService = game:GetService(“TeleportService”)

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer


TeleportService:Teleport(9712639137, player)


I’ve seen other tutorials but all of them makes the main game show up in the Continue. I wanted to make only Main Menu shows up after leaving the game… Hope you guys understand…

instead of turning your “main game” into a seperate game why not make it a place players can teleport into for the actual game with the main menu

Adding on, just copy what you have in your “main game” to a new place, which is different. a place is an instance inside an experience and uses TPService to access it.

Thanks it works! I was just beginner forgive me