Teleporting - Not rendering quick enough

Heyo, so we’re working on a school-like game where players get a pop-up to teleport to different classrooms.

However we are encountering an issue where the classroom doesnt render fast enough causing the player to either spawn under the classroom, in the air, etc. and then unable to respawn/reset.

Keep in mind, all classrooms are a big distance away from the school as to avoid lag and we have streamingenabled on.

We have tried different ways of doing the teleport. Currently using roblox’s built in one and all of it is just not working out.

If anyone has ideas, please reach out.

You can request an area to be streamed to the player before teleporting them, I have never used it myself but I believe it should help:

Im not good at scripting but if the teleport is teleporting them right onto the ground or floor of the classroom maybe adjust it so the teleport, teleports them a few studs above it so they don’t get stuck in the ground? I think that would fix them getting stuck in the ground but I dont know about this: