Teleporting player(s) to a reserved/private server?

I’m allowing players to make a private server that friends/other players can join if they would like although I’m unsure how to achieve this.

I got the player in the private server, the problem is letting the other players join them. I need to get the privateServerId which from what I can see can only be retrieved by :ReserveServer() and not GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync() which I thought what was I need to use. Is there another way to teleport players to a private server via jobId? Or is there another way I can get the privateServerId to teleport the players.

Here is my code:

if art == "getServerData" then --// returning the data of the server they want to join
	return {game["Teleport Service"]:GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync(args[1])} -- returns place and jobId, i need privateServerId..??
elseif art == "tpToInstace" then --// teleporting the player to the desired server
	game["Teleport Service"]:TeleportToPrivateServer(args[1], args[2], player)
elseif art == "tpToPrivate" then --// teleporting player to a new private server
	local code = game["Teleport Service"]:ReserveServer(game.PlaceId) -- returns the privateServerId
	local options ="TeleportOptions")
	options.ShouldReserveServer = true
	game["Teleport Service"]:TeleportAsync(game.PlaceId, {player}, options)
	return true

Yes ReserveServer returns the code but not every player will be in the same server so I cant store the code there, and the last thing I want to do is create a datastore.

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Firstly, you are using TeleportAsync the wrong way.
The code for the reserved server is retrievable from the TeleportAsyncResult which is returned by TeleportAsync. You can remove the line with :ReserveServer().

Unfortunately, there are not many other possibilities. How should players from other servers know the code?

Leaving in the ReserveServer was a mistake, not intentional. I share the code via a data store and the player can still not join. It tries to send the player to the server but gets stuck in a loop, I try again and I get an error about the previous Teleport request is still processing.