Teleporting to Different Areas

Hey y’all, I’m thinking of making a new game where you go around collecting plants. I want to make it so that there’s many areas to explore, but I don’t want to make that area too large so that it lags the game. Something like, once you walk to a certain area it will teleport you somewhere else. You’d walk through a cave, then you’d appear in an area the same size as the previous one. You’d explore that area, then move on, etc. Games like Epic Minigames, Tower Defense Simulator, and Silent Assassin use this ability.

However, I would want all the players to stay in the same server, similar to Loomian Legacy with all of it’s routes. Is there a way I can achieve this?

Also, does anyone know of a good title for this game? Thanks!

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The simple solution would be cloning a map from somewhere outside of workspace and moving it into workspace when needed, but far enough away. Then teleporting the player to that area.

If you still have lag issues, you could locally remove the lobby while a player is in the other map.

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Good luck developing!

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Would you know how to clone a map, or make one out of workspace? Or removing a lobby, too.

Well, assuming you have a map put it in a map folder somewhere out of workspace. (ServerStorage, Lighting, ReplicatedStorage, etc.) Then do something like:
local map = game.ReplicatedStorage.Map:Clone()
map.Parent = game.Workspace

To remove the lobby I suggest having a remote event fired with the players ingame, then on the client side do something like:

Then later just clone the lobby in like the maps.

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