TeleportPartyAsync doesn't work when teleporting to other game

I’m having issues teleporting players to games that aren’t in the Universe. TeleportPartyAsync() doesn’t work when teleporting 2+ players, but Teleport() works just fine. I’m trying to teleport players from one Universe to another. Is this oversight, or is it the system used for teleporting?

This is the error I’m getting. It only occurs when using TeleportPartyAsync()

This is the code I’m using.

if #plrs ~= 1 then
    -- This part doesn't work, it's providing the error above.
    game:GetService("TeleportService"):TeleportPartyAsync(placeId, plrs, options, gui)
    -- This part does work, it's teleporting the player at the desired place.
    game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(placeId, client, options, gui)

Just loop through the players table and run :Teleport() on each of them.

This won’t work if the players aren’t friends, they won’t be teleported to the same server. TeleportPartyAsync() solves that problem for me.

Unfortunately, you can not do this if they are not within the same universe unfortunately.

The reason your error is occuring is due to you trying to teleport to a different place that’s not apart of the same game (universe, as explained above).
You can try allowing third party teleports, but I’m unsure if that will fix the issue.

This was already enabled when the error occurred.

Ah. I would suggest creating a reserved server, and then teleporting all players to it.

I don’t own that game, I’m not allowed to create reserved servers.

I’m trying to teleport players from one Universe to another. TeleportPartyAsync() doesn’t teleport them, but Teleport() does. I’m wondering if there’s something I can do to fix that problem, or if I simply cannot, and need to find an alternative.

I believe you’re unable to. If you don’t own the game, then it’s practically impossible to teleport a party to a specific server. I’d suggest creating a game in your universe.


Ok, sounds good, I’ll find another method then. Thanks a bunch for the help!

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