TeleportService bug

Hi there, let’s skip the formalia.

I noticed a hour ago or so that using TeleportService in relation with ROBLOX Universes seems to bug.

This can be seen at this game: when teleporting to this game:

I… can’t really come with more information - though doing a search on the “Bug Reports” forum, I did not find anything seeming similar.

^ And that happened for me when going from the 1st place linked, down the hexagon-shaped elevator near the spawn area, down to the “Offices”, and walking towards the suspicious light / white fog.

I believe we have talked about this before (might be mistaken)

But I believe Khanovich was looking for repro steps for this but never got them since it seemed to be random and very inconsistent. So if your place does this every time trying to teleport to it you might be the first to reproduce :slight_smile:

Something you can do it upload the place or script with the teleport script to dropbox/here with the [ code ] bbcode in a confidential section.

To reproduce it, you must have an empty server and teleport over a server at least and it’ll also return the same error but I don’t think As8D and I have the same Reproduction steps.