TeleportService Teleporting Gui but not Child Scripts

I am teleporting Gui to another place within same game. The Gui has embedded local scripts and when I try to get the scripts on other place, it return nil.

I have used FindFirstChild() which returns nil and WaitForChild() hangs scripts.

I do not think it actually works like that. I think the scripts within a place stay within that place. You have to insert scripts in the other place. And what are you making that needs you to have 2 scripts in 2 different games connected together?

Script is connected with loading screen, and when teleported to second palce then it getting certain item from their and start loading bar…

This is all for create seemless teleportation…


So you want a gui to pop up when the player is teleporter to the other place.

I do not understand this below

When using a UI through TeleportService, all of the scripts are cleared from it (thus causing the UI to go static during and after the teleport). This is intentional and, as far as I know, there are no plans to change this.

If you want a teleport to be seamless, you’ll need to connect a function to TeleportService.LocalPlayerArrivedFromTeleport and manipulate the UI there (as it is passed as one of the parameters).

That’s what I wanted to know, but that information is nowhere to be found…

Loading Screen has two LocalScripts,
First script deals with the background tween animation in Loading Screen, second script deals the loading bar. These both scripts are disbaled by default which I wanted to activate them when teleported to second place but as @Thundermaker300 mentioned that all scripts are cleared when gui is teleported to another place…