Tell us more about localizing your Roblox game(s)


Hey Developers,

Help us learn more about how many games on Roblox are currently localized (translated) or will be localized.

This survey will also help us understand your challenges about localizing your games and how we can help you attract a stronger international audience to your games.

Developer Relations Team


Will fill out the survey first. >:3


what if i already did it


Then ill go back in time, simple as that!


going back in time is repeating history. you efforts are futile

On-topic, for any localized games, I see a bunch of translations and whatnot, coolio. I wish I’d see more localized games using Japanese also include a Romanji option though. The little Japanese I know is all Romanji, no Kanji.


Survey seems scuffed, required how much I paid and who I paid for translation but I used Google Translate like a lazy boy sooooo … it shouldn’t require information that can’t be answered.