Temerity: MMORPG - Looking for Gameplay Programmer / Scripting Lead


Temerity is a Low-Poly Stylized Esc RPG game Developed by a small team of Developers. We’re looking for a Gameplay Programmer / Lead Programmer who can help us create an immersive MMORPG experience on the platform.

You will be coding how Mobs / Bosses function, along with how NPC’s function, quests, shops, dungeons, and more.


• Have Discord
• At least 1+ Years of experience programming
• Needs to be 13+
• Have a baseline understanding about what MMORPGs are and consist of
• Should be able to work in a relaxed environment


You will be paid through Paypal. We’re fairly flexible with prices to a certain extent, our budget will grow as development wraps up and our game is pushed to the public, but for now, we have a Baseline of 30$ USD a month, this is as said negotiable.

Contact me at: Vumified#8484


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