[TEMP CLOSED] Builder & Scripter

About Me

Hi! I’m a quite new developer to Roblox, I’ve started developing a year ago but I took very long breaks.
I’m currently the only developer of this SCPF game, and in the past two builders helped me with some models. I can say I’ve already developed (built and scripted) the 70% of the game, however I’m not that good, especially with lighting, and having someone to review my creations and help me make more would be amazing!

About The Job

I’m looking mainly looking for a builder, however I also need a scripter for my SCPF game. Experience is not required, however, even a small portfolio would be helpful (no free or stolen assets, however similar models are alright).

Game's Style


Although I do not have a high budget as of now, in my opinion the game is promising, so we can agree on a percentage of the revenue.


You can contact me here on the devForum or on Discord. im lin#4665 is my username.

**Looking for an additional scripter for weapons


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