(TEMP CLOSED) Hiring Drawer Artist

About Us

hi, Ketchup Sim. is a team that is developing a great game recently, the project is going great at the moment.

The Team
@UnderMyWheel - Scripter / UI
@Archalium - Lead Dev / Builder / Modeler
@TheVoidArchitect - Builder
@RebelulRo - Builder
@Adiirex - Business and Project Manager


Roblox_Studio_9_23_2020_11_31_31_PM 06dfccb5226adae2083b025901675e4d

About The Job

Looking for Drawer can do Icon and Thumbnail, Gamepass Icons and much more.
IMG_20200924_204456 example


We are paying 5% of game revenue, we got 2 youtubers 1 with 41k subs and another one with 27k+ active subs.

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Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hi, I sent you a friend request on discord!

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