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About Me

Hello there! My name is Malarkeii, I am a 8 year member of Roblox, and began working with developers in the summer of 2020. I am a professional illustrator and novice developer, working primarily with Sonar Studios on a wide variety of projects, and with real-world organizations such as the College Board and Women in Aviation.

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Unsure if I am able to do something? DM me and we can discuss! I can draw anything in both raster/vector format given time.

General Artwork

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Concept Art

Sonar Studios Dragon Adventures Event Presentation: TheBeanTeam_SpringtideFestival.pdf (6.2 MB)

Creature/Character Designs

Logos & Iconography

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STINGER VEHICLES | Iovine and Young Academy '24 - YouTube

m10 Design Studio | MHS 2021 - YouTube

Merchandise Designs

Dragon Adventures: Amazon.com: ROBLOX: Dragon Adventures

3D Modeling


Please contact me to see my availability. I am a full-time college and flight student with a heavy workload, so my schedule is very turbulent.


I primarily take USD only through means of Paypal, or robux of equivalent value (not always). Please message me to see what my other options are. All work requires an adequate description of what you need before I can give you a quote, fully-rendered illustrations generally tend to begin at around $100 and upwards depending on the complexity.


Email: memeo.bella@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/malarkeii
Discord: malarkeii#8177


Pure talent, added on discord!

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