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Hello there! You have found me. My name is TobyTheAiming and i am mainly a 3d Low and Medium poly modeler and an amatuer animator for guns and stuffs.I love games and i play games so that why i decided to make games. I have been on Roblox for more than 6 years and have been developing for both my own games and my friends game both for funs and professionally for about a year. I started modelling for about a years now when i started to learn about Blender and Moon Animation and then i was hooked and i started to use Blender for both Modelling and Animating because Moon Animation is too tricky for me.

My strengths

  • High Dedication
  • Friendly and chill
  • Good mindset

My weakness

  • Sometimes forgot what to do

My Works


Sadly, i have no showcase items because i haven’t started using my animation skills for works but this page will be updated regularly so check it out sometime :slight_smile:

Closed due to a massive amount of works from both school and group works. Sorry for any problem

Due to family works and school times and plays time, i will be mainly online and working in the evening, that mean around 5PM to 7PM or 5PM to 9PM GMT+7 depending on the state im in (i.e Busy on school works or Free) (So i maybe working or doing other stuffs while you are sleeping)
I am free at night everyday in the weeks but if i am busy due to certain reason, i will let you know about it.

Currently, i am accepting paying from both Robux from funds or Paypal.

Prices are negotiable

For builds

  • Low Poly: 50 Robux - 1 Dollar
  • Medium Poly with Semi Details: 75 Robux - 2 Dollar
  • Medium Poly with Extra Details: 100 Robux - 3 Dollar
  • High Poly (Details included): 150 Robux - 4 Dollar

For Animation

Because my skills is still being honed, i’ll take commisions either for free or your own prices

Send me a comment here to notify me if you contacting through other ways then Roblox

Discord: NobleMode#1989
Roblox: TobyTheAiming
Twitter: @noble_mode
Reddit: u/NobleMode

Thank for checking by :slight_smile:


Do you know how to make animals?

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Add me to talk :slight_smile:


sadly i cant model animal just yet or maybe i can

hey, I would love to work with you on some weapons! Also do you know how to make cars? If you don’t that is fine.

if it is a low poly to like medium poly car
it is fine but high details one is hard

That’s fine, do you still want to work with me on the weapons?

sure. i am down. contact me through the provided ways

I think I friended you on discord, I’m not to good with that app so I really don’t know.

what is your username on that app tho ?

sorry for a late response but its international bag stopper #7747