Temporany change animation

I made a simple script where you can take or drop a part, pretty simple but now i need a way to set Animation1 when you take the part and DefaultAnimation of walking when you drop it.

Since the animations are selected by the Animate Script from the player model idk how to temporany change them

Do you guys know how can i do that? I think is possible and i saw different games who do that. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Check this out!

Basically you create new animation in animation editor then publish it and after that, you load it on humanoid’s animator.

Still can’t figure out how to do that, i’ve read the entire topic more and more times but i don’t know yet how to do this, i know that for a lot of people this could be really easy but for now i can’t figure out how to do that.

Just need to replace a WalkAnim and IdleAnim when a script is Enabled and
come back to Default when another one is Enabled and Disables the first one.