[Temporarily Closed] | Crudsuds | 2D Digital Artist | Portfolio

Hi, I’m crudsuds! I make hand drawn digital art. I’m always looking to expand my portfolio and to improve on my skills. You can check out some of my work below! :smiley:

Examples of Profiles

Examples of Full Body Characters

Examples of Thumbnails

(Base Prices)
500 R$ for profile picture
1000 R$ for full body character
1250 R$ for thumbnail
(Prices can be negotiated based on the quality you want)
(I’ll try my best with backgrounds but I’m still new to them)

I am available on weekends and parts of the week (due to school)

Discord: crudsuds#7058

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I look forward to working with you! :smiley:


I would possible like to hire you. My discord user is: InsaneRapper007#4012

I have added new text for the titles! :grin:

New thumbnail example :ok_hand: