Terminated groups shouldn't keep items in catalog

Sometimes, groups and their creators are terminated for spamming the catalog with thousands of duplicate items, but this doesn’t remove the items that got them terminated.

Here’s an example case of this:
Inc Clothing used 100 groups to post around half a million items (Assuming that they post the same list of clothing as Blue Inc), and now every single one of those groups and their creator are terminated.
Despite the termination, those half a million items are presumably still on the catalog (given that I can find some), representing almost 1% of the entire contents of the catalog.
Here’s one of their items, note that both the uploader and the group are terminated: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/1022362711/PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE

The inconvenience of this is obvious, if you’ve ever tried to do clothes shopping on Roblox.
Looking up certain words will return multiple pages of results from Inc Clothing, e.g. “purple”.
This is only an issue with Inc Clothing, because other groups doing the same thing haven’t even been terminated.

Removing items of terminated groups will make it easier to tell which spam groups haven’t been terminated yet, and easier to find unique non-botted clothing.