Terms and Conditions | BottleWorks Services

:star:Thank you for your interest in my development services, before we can officially begin on your project it is imperative that you read and accept the conditions of the service.

:star: Terms and conditions:

  • Services are not to be re-used outside of the group it was designed for, to prevent reproduction of my work.

Example: Alfie owns Pastry Bakery, Alfie also owns a juice bar. Alfie hired passthebottle to create User Interface for Pastry, Alfie cannot use the user interface he purchased for Pastry without direct consent from the creator.

  • Services are not to be rushed, it is noted at the time of purchase that I rely on ROBLOX as a source of income, therefore you will receive your product in a timely manner.

Alfie paid passthebottle yesterday to begin work, Alfie can ask passthebottle if he started, however Alfie cannot ask when it will be complete

  • References will not be copied directly

In order to protect my reputation, references will not be copied directly. The commissioner must be aware that if they provide a reference it is subject to change to prevent any legal issues.

  • Before contacting me, you must have the payment

Alfie agreed to pay passthebottle 50k robux for UI’s, Alfie has 30k robux at the time of ordering. Alfie gets paid from his job Friday and thinks he will have enough for the robux. Alfie cannot order until Friday when he has the full 50,000 robux.

  • Leaking Products

Leaking any products (e.g UI source code) is against the terms and conditions. You will be blacklisted from all services, and a DCMA report will be filed on the game of the STOLEN asset, not the one I was commissioned for.
*(exceptions for exploit leaks, this is for legitimate developer leaks)

  • Tampering with products

BottleWorks is not responsible for assets after our services have been completed. In the event the system breaks from a developer messing with the code, you are responsible for fixing the mistake.
BottleWorks is subject to charge for repairing the damaged product

  • Claiming Products as your own

Under no circumstances are you allowed to claim any products as your own, my projects are protected under DCMA. While we currently do not require direct credit, you may not say that you made any part of the game that was contributed by my services

  • I reserve the right to terminate any client, at any time, for any reason without a refund.

  • As with any development service, there are no refunds.
    Incase I have a family emergency or need time off, the 50% depsoit will be refunded, and you may be given a voucher to apologize for the inconvenience.

  • If your project is cancelled, you will not receive any refunds.

  • In the event of a chargeback, my work is protected under DCMA and you will be subject to legal action

  • You will NOT receive access to the assets until full payment is provided

  • In the event of a change in the service (e.g UI) that requires major edits, you are subject to additional charges at the discretion of BottleWorks

  • You must communicate at all times with the developer, you must have a clear line of communication

  • We reserve the right to add additional terms to this at any time.

  • In the event that the commissioner terminates their relationship with BottleWorks, no assets will be given that aren’t paid for and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

  • The payment provided must be clean and not come from a third party website (usd buying robux is not allowed and is against tos)

  • For long term employment projects, you are subject too all laws within The United States, including but not limited to US Dept of Labor Workers guidelines

  • Services must be direct, there will be no “middlemen”

  • These terns are subject to change without notice, and must be followed at all times while there is an active relationship with BottleWorks

:star: Payments:

It is vital to note that I am a part-time developer and that I rely on ROBLOX Development as a partial source of income.

All Services require a 50% down payment at the time of ordering, this is to protect my time and resources, and it secures your projects spot on my roster.

I accept Paypal and Robux; paypal is the preferred payment method

PayPal must be sent via Friends & Family, and cannot be charged back. An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal after delivery. I am not responsible for currency conversion fees, aswell as paypal fees. You will not receive any discount for currency conversion / paypal fees.

Services MUST be paid for by t-shirts if it is a commission. If it is a long-term project, I accept group funds as I expect to remain in your group after the 2 week ROBLOX cooldown.

If you pay via a t-shirt, 50% must be paid upfront. You are to cover tax on BOTH transactions.

Revenue %'s are available upon certain circumstances (credible developer and/or already earning funding)

Upon accepting these terms and conditions, the client(s) will be sent a document to confirm that they have read them.


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