Terrain broken on mobile

Hello! I was testing my upcoming game when I noticed the terrain is broken on mobile. That doesn’t happen on PC at all. Is there a reason for it?

The collision box seems to be okay but the rendering is just… well a mess.

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Does Terrain use a script?, if so, it is like that, it will result in lagg

Nope it doesn’t.

It’s just terrain LoD acting weird, as usual. It won’t show up like that for everyone. Nothing you did, just Roblox acting strange when emulating terrain. The only other thing I could think of is Content Streaming, are you using StreamingEnabled?

It is a loading problem. It usually fixes itself after a second or two but it might take longer on mobile.

StreamingEnabled is turned on because the map is quite large and it’s just a waste of time to load it all at once.

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Then that’s the issue. It’s not going to work correctly when emulating. It’s a Roblox issue, if it’s absolutely critical you could put it under #platform-feedback, but there isn’t much they can do about it.