Terrain looks as if it has been "smeared"

Hello all!

I have this mountain-like structure composed strictly of leafy grass (not decorated) terrain. I came across this one part where the terrain is a little wonky. I was wondering what the cause of this is, and what the solution would be while keeping the structure the same. Upon further inspection of the mountain, I noticed a few more similar parts that are having the same issue. Is there a way to address this, and hopefully, fix it? I would expect it to be a solid, textured part such as the rest of the grass. One possible thing I can think of that may be the root cause of this is the angle the terrain is at is too sharp. But, this issue is not present in terrain that is at a 180 degree (going up).

Thank you!


There are a few methods to fix this.

  • Smooth Tool
  • Add Tool (Add a little bit)
  • Grow Tool (Add a little bit)
  • Flatten Tool

These all should help; I hope this worked for ya, from John.

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While this may be a solution, as I stated in my original post, I was wondering whether or not there was a fix to the issue while maintaining the original structure (not adjusting the terrain at all).

if you wanna make your entire terrain map in one go, you can try this plugin below
it’ll save you a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about little issues like this.

otherwise you can take @Strongjohnfgamer ’ s advice and use those tools to straighten everything up manually.

and there isn’t another way to straighten up your terrain other then using those terrain tools.
the problem is that the terrain in THAT area is too far apart and it’s trying to connect other close by VOXELS in a very weird way.



Then use the smooth or flatten tool. That should fix everything also the other tools I listed use in moderation to have the same effect.

Edit: Roblox uses poly-gons to shape their terrain and each method extrudes it just enough if don’t correct remember you can always change the straight and size.

yeah, your hole within the terrain is making the terrain voxels connect inaccurately.