Terrain Render Script Needed 5k-10k R$

About Us
Hello, I am here on behalf of a wonderful studio known as Kryptonic Games. Kryptonic Games strives to create innovate and fun games that break the bounds of Roblox.

About the Job
We are currently looking for a talented scripter who can script a terrain render script. What exactly is a terrain render script? Well, we created some terrain in our game using Roblox’s terrain tools and we are trying to render chunks of terrain in and out locally depending on how close the player is to them. You might be thinking this is impossible and we can assure you it’s not, but it’s definitely a bit complex and that’s why we have been unable to do it so far. We are hoping there is a scripter who knows more about the terrain API that would know how to do this. The render system should be easily customizable allowing us to change the size of the chunks that render in and out as well as have it work even if we add extra terrain to the map.

If done correctly, we will pay 5k-10k Robux depending on how long it takes, how well it works, and how easy it’s to customize.

Contact Us
If you think you are capable of creating this, please contact Coeman 577#5777 via Discord.



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