Tester for Hire (Open)

About Me :sunglasses:

Hello! I am @99guineafowl and I am offering my services as a game tester so that I can raise money for my games. I have a good eye for bugs and issues, and an even better one for grammar and/or spelling mistakes. I specialize in games with lots of text, story games specifically, but can do great testing whatever you want.

Availability :spiral_calendar:

I am available to test your game for up to an hour per test, and my normal testing amount is about 10 tests a week. But I might be able to do more some weeks.

Payment :money_mouth_face:

I only accept Robux. Prices are negotiable, but my minimum is 20 Robux per test or 200 Robux per week. I would prefer more, for this is my minimum.

Contact :loudspeaker:

I don’t have a Discord, so you’ll have to message me via DevFoeum or my Roblox account. I check my Forum messages more often, so that is my preferred contact.