Testers wanted for Timed Obby!

So I had this idea to make an obby that you have a time limit for added pressure. In a few hours total i made this game, so far it only has 4 levels(easy, medium, hard and insane, i plan to add more) i need testers to test if the time limit is balanced and if the insane level is possible(I’m so bad, I can’t even complete the last level so i don’t know what a good time limit is.) Any help will be appreciated, here is the game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/5287907627/Timed-Obby?refPageId=94fa2098-d01e-4a9b-bb79-11f74ee7e49f
Thank you for the feedback and for reading.

I have added 4 more levels and a new difficulty, I also changed some of the times and made it so that the global leaderboards show the player who has the best time for certain levels.

I added 4 new stages.
I added a stats menu to see your best time.


Hey, I decided to test out your obby.

  • The colors are nice- vibrant, but not too bright/neon, almost calming.
  • The time limit on the Easy obby is perfect, I almost fell but still had just enough time to get to the end.
  • The platforms in the Normal obby are pretty small. I’d make them a bit bigger and move the time limit to 10 seconds.
  • I can’t get past the third ‘Shift jump’ in the Hard obby. Maybe scale back the bigger block so players can get around it easier?
  • Oddly enough, I didn’t have much trouble on the first section of the Insane obby. However, there are walls with a gap in them that are just under the size of a player. I think scaling that up a bit, and making the smaller piece touch the bottom (to avoid climbing), will help out a bit. Also, change the timer to 15 or 20 seconds.

Thank you for the feedback and for testing.

Hey man, I tested out the obby and I like the original concept. However, I discovered that if you spam jump on the kill block bellow the actual obby that it will not kill you. I suggest making the area deeper so if you fall in you can’t get out, or to just remove the bottom of the area all together so the player falls into the void.


I couldn’t find any new bugs except when you die you’re parts get teleported outside of the map. Other than that it was nice. Oh, personally I’d turn down the respawn time as well.

It says all the obbies give you 8 seconds to complete, but hard gave me 10, and insane gave me 25. Also, why are there studs everywhere? Was this to add extra detail?

Hey, can I talk to you on Discord?? Mine is Aensvey#2799

@99guineafowl I forgot to change that and I used that studs on purpose.
@Qniax I also found that out, but i don’t know how to fix it.
@Aensvey I sent you a friend request.