Testers Wanted to Test Battle Elevator

About Us

Hello there, today we have created a post for our new game owned by our group Kryptonic Games. This game is entitled Battle Elevator and has recently entered the second phase of testing.

About the Job

We are looking for lots of testers to help us test our game in its current stage and also in later stages of development. We want people who will be honest with us about their opinions and who will report bugs to us. Our goal is to improve our game best we can before we release.


We will not be paying any Robux or money just yet, but there may be some payment in the future and we will most likely be giving testers special rewards in our games.

Contact Us

If you are interested in being a tester, then you can do any of the things below:

  • Join the group and then post on the group wall asking to be a tester
  • Join our group and PM Coeman_577 on either Devforum or Roblox asking to be a tester
  • Join our group and DM Coeman 577#8665 on Discord asking to be a tester

After doing any of these things, we will rank you to tester in our group (and Discord server if you have joined) which will allow you access to test our game! You can send us your feedback in a PM on Roblox/Devforum to Coeman_577 or DM your feedback to Coeman 577#8665 on Discord.

The Group

The Game

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