Text Color help

Hey, I made a GUI(Text Box), and I made the backround color a black ish and the text color a pure white(255,255,255), but the text is showing up as a grey.

What’s the TextTransparency of the textLabel?

The text transparency for the text box is 0.

Are you using any style of Text box?

what do you mean by that? I am using a roundify

I just got added a text box, then changed backround transparency and color, made text scaled to true, and then changed text color.

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Did you change the Placeholder text’s color too?

By default it is colored gray.

Yes, it is 255, 255, 255, which shows white.

You mind if you upload just the TextBox as an RBXM file?

IM AN IDIOT! IT WAS THE ROUNDIFY lol, it works now thx for the help