Text GUI not functioning correctly

I’ve never actually tried scripting GUIs before so I tried giving it a shot.

I wrote a simple line of code but for some reason it wont change the text GUI
Here it is:

game.StarterGui.GUI.Frame.TextTest.Text = "Hi"

There are no errors showing so I think I am missing something but idk what.
If you know what’s please tell me, I am looking on Roblox’s API manual to see if I can find out what happened.

Instead of game.StarterGui,

Use player.PlayerGui

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wait (1)

script.Parent.Text = “Hi”


Doesn’t seem to be working for some reason

The script isn’t located in the “TextTest”

Make sure its “PlayerGui”, not “PlayerGUI”

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It worked, thanks for the help!

Maybe u used script instead of localscript