Text Masking, Overflow Options + Cases

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make secure inputs and have overflow choices.

What I mean by that is password inputs, and overflows.

[OVERFLOWS solved by @Elttob]

With overflows, I want to be able to have a “…” appear when it exceeds a certain length.

That would be extremely helpful with creating inputs, such as titles. Right now the only solution is making a character limit, and nothing else. But the issue with that is, you could put “I” 85 or so times and it would be short, but W 85 times and it would be extremely long. You could also just do ﷽ 85 times and it could break your game.
[just noticed that that doesn’t render the same in Gotham for some reason]
Now, instead of a character limit, we could have “LONG TITLE AAAA”, and when the textlabel ends you would have “LONG TITLE AA…”

Next point, Cases

It would be nice if we could have Cases, which auto change the uppercase/lowercase status of the text

“Generic title”

“upper”: “GENERIC TITLE”
“lower”: “generic title”
“startUpper”: "Generic Title
“newSentence”: “Generic. Title. Test test words”
“default”: “Generic title”

Next and final, Masking.

What I mean is hiding inputs, mainly password/sensitive data.
If this is on, anything that gets typed is only visible to the dev with ContentText.
To the user, it gets displayed as dots, which would be perfect for game passwords, keys, or unique codes.
If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because we would be able to have much more control over text inputs


We already have TextTruncate for overflows:




The only feature here I agree with is the masking, although it’s so niche that there really isn’t a point. Cases are also (I’m my opinion) quite useless. They add functionality that really isn’t used and it’s much better if you formatted it beforehand, and if it’s in game, using a script to format it.

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