Text rendering artifacts when resizing viewport / UI elements


The bug is that rendered text, in all font types, of all text sizes, displays severe artifacts (seemingly random missing pieces) whenever certain UI elements or the viewport is repositioned/resized. The artifacts also appear on CoreGui.

This bug happens on the setup of user @CrossVs (not a forum member yet), I don’t know of any other users who also have this issue at the moment.

Screenshots/videos of artifacts:

Some screenshots of the text artifacts (with increasing severity) in a live game

Screenshot of CoreGui text getting messed up

Videos/gifs of the user reproducing the issue by resizing/repositioning window



These particular screenshots were taken in Davidii’s Heroes game:

Although please note: the bug happens in all games for this user where there are “a lot of” UI text elements.
(a lot of = to be determined)

System specs:

The user has two graphics cards, an AMD R7 and integrated intel HD graphics. The bug only happens when the integrated graphics card is used, but I’m including specs of the AMD card here too just in case.

Details about the user's CPU/GPUs

Operating system is Windows 8.1. The bug started happening within the past month or so according to the user, but he’s not very sure about that estimate. The graphics drivers of both GPUs are up to date.


@zeuxcg: Might be related to the graphics updates of April, but I’m not 100% sure. The bug apparently started happening around the time you made that post though. Let me know if you need more info / images of symptoms to figure out if it’s related or not.