Text Scaling Issue

Is there any way to keep text scaled, (so it looks the right size on all devices) but make it use a new line instead of getting smaller if the size of the string inside gets larger?
If you’ve ever played bee swarm simulator, you’ll notice that the string in the quest dialogue stays the same font size regardless of length, but still looks good on all devices.
How do I do that?

I figured it out, So i’ll write what I did here for reference. I made the text label the perfect size for 1 line of text , then I put a local script inside with this:

local TextLabel = script.Parent
local YSize = TextLabel.AbsoluteSize.Y
TextLabel.TextSize = YSize

Then I set TextScaled to off and text wrapped to on, and voila. it won’t look good until the script runs initially though, but no big deal. Normalize putting lil scripts inside everything to fix problems lol :relieved:

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