Textbox Feedback

Hey everyone, I was recently trying to recreate my Enhanced Textbox that I released previously and am looking for feedback on the textbox and UI itself:

Previous Draft

Final Result:

Get it: Material Textbox - Roblox


I think the button color should be the same as the turquoise highlighting of the text input.

Other than that, it looks good!

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Agreed, I’ll change it

Actually, looking at it again, it might be a good idea to change the button color when text is inputted, indicating you are able to continue now that there’s some text in the input. Right now it kind of seems like you can’t continue unless you actually hover over the button, regardless of text or not.

It’s fine for now, it can easily be changed

The appearance of the text box is beautiful.

I think that a light outline or possibly a (very) light gray color for the backround of the box would provide a good contrast.

Would that change possibly make the text more visible?

I think it looks fantastic. Great Job!!

Looks great. My only critique would be to make it Left-aligned. It’s weird to type into center or right-aligned text boxes.


Yeah, made it a tad darker

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Thank you all for the feedback! Final changes:

  • Made text input aligned to the left
  • Made placeholder text darker
  • Made button selected color darker

Special thanks to @Crazyman32, @LocksOfDispair, and @IamTotallyNotaFish

Feel free to take this model open-source here: https://www.roblox.com/library/2877958118/Material-Textbox


The only thing I don’t like is the way the color changes when you hit the button, it’s way too sudden. I would like a more subtle change. Otherwise it’s great.

Very nice, I’m digging the material design language you’ve got there. However, I would recommend you put a solid shadow under the text that has nothing supporting it (the text that displays the player’s name).

It looks pretty good to me, can’t say nothing more lol.

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