TextBox Placeholder text not showing up underneath UIGradient

I’m trying to make a Hand-to player system with a UI gradient on top, I’m trying to make it so players can type on top of the UIGradient (In the TextBox).

No matter how much I change the ZIndex I cannot put the placeholder text above the UIGradient.

What do you all think?


Could you show us a photo of what is happening?

So when you say “placeholder text” do you mean the text that is there before the player starts typing in the box?

When the player is done typing, can he/she see the text when they are unfocused on the textbox?

  1. I do, yes.
  2. The player cannot even select it.

Alright. Could you show me your properties window of the TextBox?

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Sure, any exact property you would like to check out?

Nope. Just the entire properties window. :grin:

I’ve faced this before, UIGradients will overlap the text onto any Text UI elements such as TextLabel and TextButton, there is a solution to do this which is easy to do.

^ UIGradient will overlap any text whenever you have a color lighter than the original text, if I recall, black text does or doesn’t get affected by this?

Some solutions that you can do to achieve this is to:

  • Use a Frame as the background and for the UIGradient
    • ^ Make the TextLabel parent the frame, drag it into the Frame.

Since it’s a TextBox element, the text for the Placeholder and original will still get overlapped by the UIGradient, the solution and tip I’ve showed is a way to make the text visible.

Hope that helped!


Here are almost all the properties;

image image image image

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Got it; thank you so much for helping.
@Discgolftaco231 Thanks for taking your time to reply too, really appreciate it. Thanks, guys. :hammer_and_pick: :smiley: