TextBox text not the same as the actual text?

local prevText = ""

	if db2 == false then
		if prevText ~= checkinProgress.userSelection.textBox.TextBox.Text then
			local customer = getPlr(checkinProgress.userSelection.textBox.TextBox.Text)
			prevText = checkinProgress.userSelection.textBox.TextBox.Text
			db2 = true
                      ------ Script continues
        db2 = false

This is what happens, this order

I type: a
PrevText: a
TextBox.Text: a

I type: av (have a function to set the capital to match the player’s name) so it turns in Av
PrevText: av
TextBox.Text: av

I type: Avi
print(PrevText): Av
print(TextBox.Text): Av

I type: Avio
print(PrevText): Avi
print(TextBox.Text): Avi

You get the idea, from there it falls one behind

I have no idea why it’s doing this

You are getting the same printout because you set prevText to what the TextBox currently says before printing it. You should print(prevText) before setting prevText.

That’s not my problem, prevText is just to limit the .Changed event, it checks if the text that was before = the one now, if not it continues.

The problem is that heckinProgress.userSelection.textBox.TextBox.Text seems to be off from the actual text. I’m typing avio and it only says av or avi. When I start deleting the text it goes to where I typed and then starts clearing the text, always with a ~2/3 character delay. That’s my issue

Instead of using Instance.Changed, use Instance:GetPropertyChangedSignal(), it will only fire on the property you want, instead of all properties, that way, you don’t need to check if the property is the property you are looking for.

local previousText = ""
	local newText = checkinProgress.userSelection.textBox.TextBox.Text
	previousText = newText

As for your problem, I don’t see any mistakes in your code.

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Does that fire as you type or just when you unfocus the textBox? Because I need it to update as I type

It fires as you type, so, it would work