TextBox.TextFiltered (bool)

In light of this post http://devforum.roblox.com/t/all-text-inputs-must-run-through-the-roblox-filters/29745
I think it would be important for the ROBLOX developers to have access to a feature that prevents moderation that negatively affects their products/games.

Textbox.TextFiltered Will apply a ROBLOX text-filter check to the “Text” property of the TextBox when the focus on the TextBox has been lost. If it fails the check, the changes should either be reverted OR the text should be deleted OR be replaced with a default text.

This feature is important moreover because it prevents a entry-barrier to inexperienced developers looking to have the same in-game features as more experienced developers have… This way they will avoid moderation problems because of lack of knowledge of the policy change towards texts accessible to players, or lack of knowledge (of scripting) on how to implement the proper precautions to avoid moderation when making these features.

In the end i think this feature suggestion removes a LOT of trouble for both moderation, and developers.

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The general reaction to seeing that property will be “No thanks!” and it’ll never be touched again. This doesn’t raise awareness for the necessity of text to be filtered – it makes developers aware that it’s possible to filter text, and I think that’s something that’s already well-known given the state of in-game communication.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your post, is this specifically for local GUIs or would this be used simply to avoid calling the Chat:FilterStringAsync method?

I think @NobleDragon’s post only refers to text input GUIs where the text is then replicated to other players. NobleDragon can clarify if I am mistaken. The default ROBLOX chat right now will show you your own message without filtering it, so I don’t think you need to filter a GUI that is only visible to the player using it.

This wouldn’t be useful for making any GUIs where text is replicated to other players because the filter used is different based on who is receiving the chat (see FilterStringAsync). The only filter this could use is FilterStringForBroadcast for messages that can be visible to everyone. Also, if you can make a GUI that replicates the text between players it is probably safe to assume that you can call the FilterStringAsync method.

I’m also not sure what the behavior of this would be for TextBox events, would the FocusLost event be delayed until the HTTP request to filter the text finishes? This seems like it could cause some UI issues if you are updating UI based on those events.

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Can we get a confirmation on this? I’ve filtered everything in my game because of this quote, even stuff like search bars/twitter codes that are visible only to the client

You don’t have to filter strings that only the player itself will see, only strings that go between players.

Source: the fact that the default chat shows your own messages unmodified

Yes @TheGamer101 is correct. I am sorry this was not clear. Places where players can broadcast information must be filtered. So if you have something like a Twitter code system, this does not ned to go in through the filter. And yes If the player can see what they type, but no one else can this is also okay.