TextGui questions

I’m trying to make a classic Roblox chat system, and I have a few questions regarding TextGuis.

  1. How do I get this sort of border around text in a TextLabel without having to resize it to the text, and if not possible, how do I calculate the size of it so that it fits properly?
    image (also i got it from super nostalgia zone)

  2. With TextBox.FocusLost's enterPressed argument, how would it function on mobile? Would it return true if the user uses the enter button on the on-screen button?(may sound obvious, but i would like to just confirm, and possibly get more information on how the argument functions)

Thanks for any help!

  1. TextService:GetTextSize might be helpful to you for this.
  2. Yeah, on most mobile keyboards when the user presses enter/return, it’ll fire FocusLost with enterPressed = true. You can see this yourself through testing :wink: