TextLabel isn't a valid member of TextLabel on reset

I keep getting this error
Shadow is not a valid member of TextLabel
For this line

Info.Text = 'You can earn cash from this obby'
Info.Shadow.Text = Info.Text -- ERROR

Now this error only occurs after I reset. The Gui has ResetOnSpawn set to false, so no error should be occuring, yet it does. Turning ResetOnSpawn to true also shows the error as well anyway

you probably meant
Shadow.Text = Info.Text

No I meant

Info.Shadow.Text = Info.Text

It works when you join. It only breaks after the player has died

Did you use :WaitForChild to see if it made a difference?

You could do: Info:WaitForChild(“Shadow”)

Is your script under a resetting container (PlayerGui or Backpack)? If so, try moving it inside the gui or placing it into PlayerScripts.