TextLabels in BillboardGuis

The text in SOME textlabels don’t show up anymore in billboardguis but the background (if not fully transparent) still does.

EDIT: This is so weird, only some show up…

EDIT2: I’m going to class now so I won’t be able to answer questions about my issue for about 4-5 hours

Unable to repro. I was able to create a BillboardGui with a TextLabel and it worked just fine.

Can you upload your model so we can take a look?

it seems to have to do with the size; I didn’t have a problem ~yesterday

You got to it before me, it’s like flickering at certain angles and at other there’s nothing to be seen.

Contacted the client engineer who was working on text scaling, looks like this is a new bug. He turned off the changes. Just close and reopen Studio and it should be fixed.