TextScaled improvement: A way to set desired number of lines

This image should say everything- it’d remove one of the many reasons people hate using scaled GUIs.


I completely agree. I just started to actually use scaled Gui and I’ve noticed a lot of the time I had to try and find a work around to make something look nice. This is definitely needed at some point.

You are using the same gui object for both text and background image? :?

That would be impossible with the images I provided, wouldn’t it? ImageLabels don’t have text properties and TextLabels don’t have image properties, they’re separate objects.

For an example another game would have, think of the way Legend of Zelda’s or Animal Crossing’s text boxes work. With TextScaled on/scaled GUIs there’s no sensible way to replicate them (esp. ones that “type out” the text instead of just showing it all at once) at the moment aside from using custom font faces with imagelabels. As far as I know, at least.