TextService:GetTextSize returns different values from emulator versus online

Bug Description: TextService:GetTextSize returns different values when you emulate certain devices versus what it returns when you actually play the game on a mobile device.

Bug Occurrence: Always. To reproduce, print TextService:GetTextSize on a string of text while emulating an iPhone 7 with the Actual Resolution setting. Then publish the place and join on a mobile device: in my example that I will provide, you will see that the X value is off by 1 pixel. I have also tested this on an iPad Pro with the same results. I am unsure if this occurs on other types of mobile devices.

Screenshots: image1.png

This is taken with the developer console on my mobile device from the repro.

This is taken from studio with the same place file.

When the bug started happening: I’m not exactly sure, but it could be recent as I didn’t notice it until a few days ago.

Reproduction place file: reprotest.rbxl (19.6 KB)