TextSize not work on widget

As you can see, the Text is overflowing even though I have selected TextSize = 15.
I’m sure it’s 15 because I printed it to test.
Hope someone can help me.
This is a local plugins widget.
Note that I can’t post bug reports!

Maybe text size 15 is too… big? What prevents you from simply making it smaller or making the box bigger?

Turn off TextScaled if it is on.

In the future, I would make a smaller TextLabel inside of the button and turn TextScaled on or use a UITextSizeConstraint just so it appears large enough on devices with high resolutions.

You can enabled TextWrapped

more chars

I changed to larger and smaller values but nothing happened!

TextScaled will never let the text overflow but always fit the Button.

The only thing I want is to make the Text smaller!

Do you have the properties AutomaticSize or SizeConstraint enabled? If not, are you sure you don’t have any UI constraints parented to the buttons?

It was created manually! Instance.new'TextButton'

Widget 10
UI 14
Exactly, Size is determined by two properties TextSize and FontSize(This thing is deprecated but still influential.). Whereas widgets work very differently!