TextureLabel Objects

Similar to Textures, but for GUI usage.

That pretty much sums up what I want. Maybe some UDim2 type properties for repeat size/settings?
It seems silly to just make a big grid of ImageLabels.


If it obeyed lighting laws then I would support this
The current SurfaceGuis are like Neon parts in terms of lighting

I think a better use would be to apply textures to ScreenGui background for easy scaling. EG putting a wood texture on the background of a steampunk GUI

Oh, what am I thinking…? :sleepy:

That’s a good idea

This would really help improve the quality of GUI.

I’d prefer just another enum item to be added to ScaleType. That way ImageLabels/Buttons could be used for textures.


That’s because they’re a SurfaceGui. Not a texture. This is expected behavior.