TfA | Advertisement Guide

This is a guide to setting up advertisements using the new system. The advertisement system will allow you to show your brand across TfA for a certain amount of time.

Producing the adverts themselves

You are to choose between three styles: a banner advert (7:10), a poster advert (10:13) or a rectangle advert (16:9). Use the ratios to form suitable sizes (recommended 2K) otherwise use the templates which are provided in this post

They should be exported in a roblox-supported format, where you can upload them via your Creator Page.

Copy the block of numbers as seen in this screenshot and keep this safe as you’ll need this later on in the tutorial

Well done! You’ve produced an advert.

Uploading an advert to the TfA network

Open the in-game menu and navigate to the Adverts menu. The advert creation wizard will show, please follow the steps to upload your advert.

Once you’ve submitted it, view the advert management section. Once your advert is approved, you’ll be given the opportunity to pay. Once you’ve paid, your advert will show in-game :sun_with_face: up to ten times in one server.

If your advert has been declined, you are required to create a new advert which can be the same one as before, just adjusted suiting the decline reason.

It can take up to 48 hours for your advert to be processed, please be patient.

If you need anymore assistance, please contact TfA Support