TGE Community Rules

Welcome to TGE Community. Our rules are listed on this post.

These rules might change whenever so please check if theres a update in our social server.

What are the rules here?

  • Here are our ingame rules.
    • All members who hold the rank of Junior Lieutenat+, ISB, IRG, Death Trooper or Shock Trooper must apply decent grammar, an example of what to do is use punctuations and commas always apart from that the use of lowercase letters and Capital letters, that also includes the use of (xd, xD, XD, Xd, faces like: :frowning: etc apart from the use of emojis).

    • RS (Random Shoot means shooting inside or outside the base for no reason completely ignoring what a soldier would actually do, this rule applies to everyone from Cadet to Emperor (That includes the use of lightsabers).

    • RK (the RK also known as Random Kill) is a regulation which is one of the most important, it means that it is totally forbidden to shoot to kill any person who does not have the right to die, whether they are civilians or members of the Empire.

    • Interpretation of the character, this regulation is one of the most important to respect the role of the empire, remember that the empire is organized and serious apart from the fact that there are no jokes or immature acts, within that is the interpretation of the character or identity theft, any act which is not according to your character can be a sign of immaturity, this rule applies to all ranks for example: If you are Darth Vader you will not be trolling and jumping from head to head apart from having immature conversations.

    • Basic regulations, the basic regulations are for example: Prohibited trolling, insulting / flattering respect, talking about a lore which does not belong to Star Wars (It does not affect certain or small jokes), Hacking / Exploiting is also prohibited and obviously, the Glitching or any type of chat which is totally outside the role (To talk to someone outside the role, one must communicate through a chat which I will surely create called OOC (Out Of Character) or directly through the Team Chat.

If you break any of these rules, Moderators will have right to set punishments onto your account.
You can find more information on our social server under our group!

Group: TGE | The Galactic Empire .. - Roblox

Thanks, TGE Moderation Team.