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The Gameshows Club | Rules & Regulations


Main Group: The Gameshows Club - Roblox
Moderation Team Group: TGS | Moderation Team - Roblox

Communication Server invites can be found on each group’s page on the main Roblox website. Must be 13+ to join.

Below you can view our rules. These rules MUST be followed at all times, unless stated otherwise by me or @scyfes.

Who is in charge of enforcing the rules?
The Host of the season, and anyone who is apart of our Moderation Team.


These rules apply to our Communications Server and Roblox seasons, so please be mindful of that. The punishments that can occur from breaking the rules are also listed here.

NOTE: Punishments that list ban as the final punishment is what we consider as a repeated offender punishment, meaning that if you’ve been known to spam at seasons in the past (or you’ve done it before in the same season), you will be banned instead of muted, for example.

(Minor) Warning > Mute > Ban
(Major) Ban

Kick > Ban

Removed From Team > Ban

Respawn > Kick > Ban


Muted > Kick > Ban > Blacklisted

If you’ve been banned in the past for multiple violations, you may be permanently banned from some of our games. Or blacklisted, which means you are permanently banned from our Communications Server and all seasons.

Using commands without the host permission, can result in a strike or a demotion. We would also like to let you know that staff who break the rules listed above will face harsher punishment then normal members.

Commands like char (purely cosmetic) are fine to use without permission. Any commands that can bring an advantage or modify the character in a possibly unfair way—for example, fly or speed—are not permitted.

Have any questions? Create a ticket in our Communications Server, or post a message on our group wall.