Th4n8ss Scripter Portofolio

Hi, everyone! I am Thanos a 15 year old scripter who is scripting for industry groups like cafe, bakery, hotel, juice bar groups and more! I DO NOT script anything related into war groups or anything like that. I am able to script admin, admin plugins, overhead, food, drinks and even those joins when an HR+ joins. Let me show you some proof.

Proof 1:

Proof: 2

Proof: 3

Proof 4:

(Note: aoviaIs and brokencityss were my accounts but aoviaIs is not used and brokencityss is hacked so therefore, I DON’T copy anyone else’s work.

Any prices will be discussed in my DevForum messages or on my Discord DMs! You can contact me at: thanos#4749. I will update it if I ever get nitro or change it but if you fail to add me, let me know your username and tag or simply message me.

Current commissions are OPEN! I take 7 slots and out of 7, I currently have 1. The order can take up to a day or 2. I will be making soon a discord server for my commissions and will update everyone once it’s done.