Thai Franchise | Error Codes

Have you stumbled upon error codes in Thai Franchise games? These are changing solutions to most of these error codes.

Error Code 1, you may have seen this error code a couple of times, to solve it, you may need to restart your game.

Error Code 2, mostly happens with API/HTTP services, this may not be your fault, to solve it, you will need to wait about a minute or reset.

Error Code 3, We are still trying to identify the problem,

Error Code 4, You were kicked from the game for no reason described, please inform an SHR+ or contact me personally

Error Code Cow, This is a personal game issue and it may not affect your gameplay, if it does please contact me personally.

Error Code Neon, Multiple problems identified in Basic Admin Essentials line of code, normally they would be fixed within a 24 time period.

Error Code Red, This happens only when an exploiter or a virus has been identified in a game and was not kicked from the game.


Thai Franchise, 2021.

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