The 500th Explanation of Exploiting

Exploiters are hard to avoid. There is plenty of software created for the main purpose to inject code into a ROBLOX game in order to change a thing of the game for the client. Luck fully we are in a good time, as it was worse far ago!

Exploiting History

The start of exploiting began with the simple software such as Cheat Engine. In the past, Filtering Enabled was not a thing, meaning any changes from a client would be instantly replicated to the server. This ruined games often, and for me, Prison Life. (Which is still a common place for exploiters.) After a patch with Cheat Engine, there slowly began to be ROBLOX-specific cheating software. After a while, however, came around Filtering Enabled! It is a god send to developers, in which made it so only things like the character, the ReplicationFocus (HumanoidRootPart) and local scripts to be the only way a game could be affected. Around some time in the past, FE (Filtering Enabled) became mandatory for a game. This does not mean that a server is completely safe from exploiters, even today.

Current Day

Nowadays, exploiters have been more common due to the availability of it, such as KRNL and Synapse X. While it has grown harder to ruin a whole game for a little kid with cheat engine, things like remote events, used by developers to make client actions to replicate to server, has flaws. Remote events are able to be seen with scripts like RemoteSpy, and even be fired! This means that it is very important to do things such as Sanity Checks that check a remote if it’s appropriate and possible for a player to fire a remote event normally. It is recommended that most checks made for exploiters are server-sided, as since exploiters can just disable localscripts.


There are plenty of differences with normal exploiters and those that have gone beyond simple Synapse X. One of these can be Backdoors. Backdoors can be difficult to find, usually obfuscated, malicious code in order to give power to a player that you do not want power in that game. (These usually be exploiters.) Backdoors can be often seen inside of popular exploiter youtube channels. Backdoors can be snuck in by a suspicious developer, a free model added into a game, or even a plugin! Most backdoors try their best to not be seen by any developers, and give as much of the server-side to a player as possible. If you kick someone with exploits, that means that you most likely used a backdoor in order to achieve this.

I have a guide on how to delete backdoors here.

Known Exploitable Objects

  • Anything inside the character (can be deleted)
  • Localscripts that can be disabled and deleted
  • Scripts inside the character (only deletable)
  • The Humanoid (can be deleted, also things modified)
  • Lighting
  • Any sort of client-side effects
  • Any Remote function or event (can be fired at any time)

Hidden objects to the client

  • Objects inside ServerStorage
  • Objects inside ServerScriptService


It is best you keep things outside of the character’s model, any important scripts inside of serverscriptservice (Keeping scripts there is better than workspace because scripts inside workspace look weird and may make exploiters feel more “free”), secure remoteevents, and not underestimate the abilities of an exploiter.


Don’t forget that SynapseX has a drawing api so a popular exploit called unmanned esp is undetectable due to synapseX being written in a staticly typed low level language known as C++. SynapseX also can block bindings from objects such as waitforchild and findfirstchild. Also guis like darkdex uses the random string method meaning the gui has a random string of encrypted letters for its name. Also add wait checks for proximity prompts SynapseX can manipulate the proximity prompt into firing it automatically


SynapseX also can block bindings from objects such as waitforchild and findfirstchild

This was already a given since exploiters have complete control over their client-side.

Also guis like darkdex uses the random string method meaning the gui has a random string of encrypted letters for its name.

This isn’t really relevant anyway, since trying to detect and take action against exploit guis can be bypassed instantly anyways, considering that it is their computer.

Also add wait checks for proximity prompts SynapseX can manipulate the proximity prompt into firing it automatically

They can just spam teleport over to the prompt and activate it

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I believe only exploits come from the character, as you have almost no control over it. If someone exploits using your remotes, then it’s probably your fault that happened (and 100% preventable). Unless, of course, the report event does with the character.

Some sort of server sided character with client sided prediction would basically stop in-game exploits (with exceptions such as aimbot, which is 100% client sided).

One of my friends told me a couple months ago that they had removed Unnamed ESP.

They still have the project on GitHub tho it still works

You know you just posted a link to a script that is used for exploiting, right?

just so you know, it’s spelled luckfully
not that important though

Nice explaination.
I wonder why Roblox can’t check if a file exists. Then, there could be no more cheaters on pc.

Not really, since Roblox would need permission to look through your PC, which can easily be disabled or bypassed. Even if that worked, we have these new mobile exploiters on Android devices.

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yeah, almost anything can be bypassed with cheating

Can exploiters, if they have a backdoor, view ServerScript variables if they try hard enough?

Not possible, backdoors dont have more access than normal scripts, thus no api to even do so

but hackers are getting smarter, they might be creating more api’s

that post was uncalled for, he asked if Backdoors(can be serverside) can do that, not the client

the reason backdoors cant do that is because they cant add apis to server scripts, they have no access to servers to even do that, therefore no api to do so, something like this will absolutely never happen


If i recall exploiters can read serverscripts under their character but im not sure…

Exploiters can see and delete a Script Instance, but cannot the view source code.

(Changes made under their character replicate to the server, so they can delete ServerScripts but cannot view their source)

If I live by the rule of “if you can do it from a LocalScript, you can do it as an exploiter” is that pretty much all-encompassing, or does that leave out anything important that I need to protect against?