The ability to bulk install plugins

I recently did a clean install of my OS, and so had to reconfigure Studio. Going to a plugin page, copying the URL and pasting it into the Studio browser, then clicking install and waiting for that to finish before repeating the process is a pain when you’re installing over a dozen plugins.

Perhaps a command line option?


Just copy your InstalledPlugins folder onto a flash drive next time.

Sadly, I hadn’t thought of it at the time.

Of course that doesn’t work when you’re trying out a bunch of new plugins.

How would this help you in your case? To get the IDs you have to go to the plugin’s page. Just do that in Studio instead of in your primary web browser and install on each page. You don’t have to open up a place to be able to install another plugin, so you could just install them in bulk from the site. Same amount of effort as going to each plugin’s page, fetching the ID, and then running a bit of code in the command line.

Bit of a programming joke: Someone should write "RPM", the “Roblox Package Manager”.
rpm --list should list all available packages to install (from some centrally github hosted repo)
rpm install MyLegitPlugin will fetch (from a github repo) and install the package

Going further with it: Give it a recursive dependency system. Package A depends Package B and C, running rpm install "Package A" will automatically fetch and install Packages B and C.

Point of no return: Create libraries each depending on hundreds of “microlibraries” with useful functions such as "leftpad".

Edit: The name RPM is still taken. But you should still do it.

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I had this idea (kind a) before ROBLOX had support for plugin installing but I wasn’t entirely sure on how to achieve this with the numerous version folders…

And let’s make leftpad and kik and let’s see when DMCA strikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone port this package to Lua? It’s needed on my next project.

function isThirteen(value)
if value == 13 then
return true
return false

Or in ternary…

function isThriteen( value )
    return ( value == 13 ) and true or false


Your usage of space in parenthesis irks me

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Guys come on

function isThirteen(value)
   return value == 13