The Ability To Sort Your Places

If I have 6 games active and I want to move slot 5 to slot 1, I have to make slots 1-4 inactive, then 6 inactive, then make them active in order.

I remember in 2009-2011 when we had a drag and drop interface to do just this.

Can we have that back?

Ontop of this, the ability to sort your places on the develop page would be great too! Then I could sort my projects based on active/inactive projects and/or project priority!

And a profile revamp pls

  • badge trophycase next to avatar
  • our own little slot to feature someone else’s game or own game below avatar (helps recognize games)
  • more noticeable status (it looks really "unimportant to me right now)
  • profile redesign (optional border color/border texture?)
  • maybe an optional “status update” per place?

I just feel the profile style has been long unchanged. and definitely place showcase dragging

There are several redesigns in the works which will go towards helping this. There will be announcement of the updates shortly.

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