The Adam Pumpkin Patch

Hello everyone! I have loved Pumpkin Patches since I was tiny, and so I have decided to build one over a gradual period of time on this post! I will post with a new part every weekday hopefully so make sure to mark this as watching so you get notified when I edit!

General Map:

(1.5k by 1.5k studs, total studs²: 2,250,000)

Day 1:
Today I just shaped and painted land, no buildings or anything yet!


Cool I like it so far btw I have never heard of pumpkin patch

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Thanks but really? What country do you live in, if you don’t mind?

South Africa, Is it a British or American show?

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Halloween is an American (I think, other country’s might celebrate it too.) holiday where you dress up in scary costumes and go to house to house saying “Trick or Treat” and then the people who own the house will give you candy. You also carve scary pumpkins. A pumpkin patch is where you go to get the pumpkins and sometimes they will have bouncy houses for all the little kids.

Yea your totally right right thanks

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To explain a pumpkin patch, it is basically a large park where you can get concessions, play on some different things, carve pumpkins, and do fun activities. It is really fun.

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In the UK we celebrate Halloween. :slight_smile:

:happy4: Looks very good, keep working!