The Andere, upcoming horror game

Feedback on my game, The Andere

So, this will be my first game to be playable normally, so please give me feedback, if you guys have any time.

Here’s the game:

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I would like to hear all the bugs that you’ve found in this game, since it’s still in its pre-version.

And if you really liked the game, how it looks, etc… You can support me by buying the private server (sorry, i’m a very low budget person).

Anyway, thank you for reading this post!


Is there no objective? I was stuck on the last floor with nothing to do. The game has a nice creepy vibe, but there are no monsters.


Hi! So thanks for commenting! Anyway the solution for that is, to head back from the top to the bottom, and look through every hallway, and you’ll see what to do next.

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First thing I noticed was that its extremely dark, you can’t see anything if you’re graphic level is at least 4. And as @Gemini_DCXVI mentioned, there isn’t a clear objective. I followed the instructions you provided yet still nothing happened. The build of it isn’t too bad although I recommending changing from the plastic material to smooth plastic or metal. Another key thing for horror games is the sound design; Currently you just hear the default footsteps sound throughout the whole game, which makes it feel empty and bland. I suggest adding some custom footstep sound along with maybe an echo effect as well as some background ambience and game sound, like sirens from the police cars I noticed outside.


Thanks for the information. I will try your game again tonight.


Alright, anyway if you still don’t understand what to do. Then read the description of the game, it helps a lot.


My character is taller than the doors, and I recommend adding more textures to the walls as well as making the hallways brighter. It also seems like there is a glass window to see the outside that doesn’t seem to look like a window at all but rather an invisible block.


Alright, it should be fixed now! Thanks for the feedback, appreciated!