The animation is not loading

hi, im trying to make a GFX but the animation… the animation don’t work, here the file
AnimNotSave.rbxl (43,2 KB)
i used the ROBLOX studio’s animator editor

Are you needing to make the GFX not moved, nor; others for like video intros/outros?

no i need it not moved .

You cannot upload files that are animated, if you are trying to create a focused GFX.

how can i make a GFX without anim?

I recommend using Photopea, it’s the best bet for photoshops, you should take a picture on the Studio. And head into Photopea, while so create a new project and make the background transparent. Once this is done, upload the image saved that you took a picture in Studio, and then by using the Magic Wand tool, remove the Background of the Photo Inserted.

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thanks you so much!!! this helped . .

uh, the magic wand tool works poorly

If you are trying to select multiple items of the Inserted Photo, you can press Shift and select multiple of them. For more tutorial, you should watch one in Youtube.

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this actually:Background

oh yes finally: :smile: RobloxScreenShot20210329_085558889-removebg-preview